Thursday, May 19, 2005


Well, we have all heard of the notorious Pit Bull. Course, what most of us haven't heard of is the loving, warm and caring hearts these dogs posess! Yes, sometimes a pit (or ANY dog for that matter) will become aggressive, but this truly is less than one would be led to believe by the media. Just check out these Stats Pits bite less often than even Golden Retrievers!

Also, if you already love Pits, or have a soft spot in your heart for dogs..... please consider adopting a pit. More often than not these dogs, of all ages, are destroyed rather than adopted. You can help change this. Please check your local shelters for a dog before buying from a breeder!!!! You can also find reputable Pit rescue agencies. Here is one Yahoo group that often has infomation on rescued dogs, Pit-Bull-Crusaders

Here is a dog that shows us how HORRIBLE dog fighting really is! And yet, somehow this poor dog has maintained a heart of gold! Please help her!!! You can Buy a Magnetic Ribbon or donate what you can! (just click on the image to visit her page)

Please help spread the word that Pits are not the monsters the media would have us believe! They are big babies with loving hearts and want nothing more than to please their owners! And help spread the message that dog fighting needs to STOP!!!! These dogs don't deserve what is being done to them!

Also, if you have a shy dog, you can find support online and a variety of training techniques and information to help overcome this condition.

Every year there are misinformed media stories about Pit Bull attacks! When in reality MANY of these dogs are not even Pit Bulls!!!!

Think you can tell the difference between a Pit Bull and many other dog breeds? Play the "Find the Pit Bull Game" here.... Find the Pit Bull


Blogger Antwan said...

i think this is the most intresting site that i have ever been to, it shows the reality that most people dont know the differance between a pitbull and most other dogs, and being the owner of 6 pitbulls i can say they are some of the most gentile dogs on the planet if anyone would like to see my dogs or email me pics of there dogs it would be great thank you

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Please help Gypsy!!

Another Dog Fighting VICTIM!!!!

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