Thursday, May 19, 2005

Please Help Stormy!!!

The following is an email from a Pit Crusader! Stormy has been thru the Storm and somehow come out the other side a still loving, sweet, affectionate and WONDERFUL dog! How DARE someone abandon her the way they did! :( NO animal should be left to suffer like that...full of fear and pain!

Please folks! Do what you can to help Stormy thru this nasty weather and help her thru treatment and recovery! If you have room in your heart and home for a loving dog, and are ready to be a responsible dog owner, consider adopting a Pit Bull!!! They are loving dogs, often overlooked at shelters, who desperately need loving homes!


Could you please post Stormy's pictures and story around to all your contacts,we are looking for every little bit of help we can find.I would foster her myself untill her forever family finds her but I already have 3 pit bull permanent family members and 3 foster pit bulls (1 ex-fighting dog and 1 problem dog)plus a chihuahua.Needless to say my day is filled up with caring for dogs and making sure they all stay separated or else a huge fight would happen.Thank-you for any assistance you are able to give.

I know the pictures are very graphic and maybe some of you took the time to look at all the pictures of Stormy in the Memphis file that is in Photos,but if you haven't seen these pictures,I would like to introduce everyone to Stormy.She was abandoned,tied to a pole in the parking lot of an animal clinic during the night of one of the worst storms of this year.Imagine being sick,hungry,wounded,scared and having to stand all night in a severe thunder storm with heavy rain pelting you all night.

Poor girl,the vet staff calls her Stormy because of the conditions she showed up in..She was very thin,covered in ticks and infested with fleas,but even though she is in alot of pain and absolutely miserable feeling,she never once complained,or objected to the vet staff handling her and examining her,even though the entire staff were strangers to her.Not once did she show the tiniest hint of aggression at being poked and prodded.The staff at the clinic are very impressed with her sweet trusting nature,all she wants is someone to give her love in return for the love she gives to them.The vet estimates her age at 1 or 1 and a half years old,she hasn't really lived long enough to have this much damage done to her, alot of pain in her short life so far.

The puncture wound to Stormy's eye damaged it beyond repair and she has had the eye removed already to relieve the pressure,but she still needs some other medical care,as well as a forever home.If your home has a empty feeling that a sweet,one eyed dog could fill,Stormy would be eternally grateful.Somewhere there is someone who will love her even though she is missing an eye and some toes and part of her ear,somewhere someone will know that all the best Stormy has to offer is right where it should be,in her heart.
If anyone would like to help with Stormy's medical bills,please send donations to:

Greene Animal Hospital Att:Donation for Stormy
3545 Southern Avenue
Memphis, TN 38111

If you feel that Stormy would make a great addition to your family,please contact:

Who kicks a dog kicks his own soul towards hell"
Will Judy

WARNING!!! Some of the following images are graphic, and may result in you wanting to find the people responsible beat them and tie them to a pole and leave them there in a typhoon! :(

Eye Injury :(

Leg Wound :(

Missing Toes :(

Prolapsed Uterus :(

Torn Ear :(

What the fuck is wrong with people????? How could they do this to such a sweet doggie!!! They should be ashamed!!!!! :( >:(

Help Now by Buying Stormy Wear!!!
All Proceeds go to help pay for Stormy's medical and living expenses!


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Please Help Stormy!

Click HERE to hear Stormy's tale!

She was left, abondoned, sick, alone, fearing death....luckily she was found, rescued and is now on a road to recovery!!!

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