Thursday, May 19, 2005

3 Pits found Decapitated & Mutilated! Help find their Killers!!!!

Please cross post and lets see if we can get these #$@%^&!@ caught!!!!

Toledo, Ohio - 3 dogs decapitated and mutilated -
Anyone with information can call the Toledo Area Humane Society at: 419-891-0705

TOLEDO -- It's a disturbing discovery that has neighbors in South Toledo shaken and Toledo animal cruelty investigators disturbed enough to ask for your help. Wednesday morning, children found three dogs, all decapitated and mutilated, along train tracks near Curtis and Roff.

Goldie Barnes shook her head in disbelief. After searching for her dog named Southside for two days, her children found the dog and one of her puppies decapitated on the tracks. "The puppy is there next to its momma without a head. Its paw is cut off sitting on the other side. Somebody cut these animals up and pieces and put them on the tracks making people think the train got them," says Barnes.

Goldie was convinced this wasn't an accident because just a few yards away, neighbors found another dog. Its head was also cut off. "It's somebody that's sick that needs to be locked up before we start finding bodies out here as opposed to these animals," says Barnes.

Animal cruelty investigators from the Toledo Area Humane Society took a closer look and confirmed Goldie's suspicions. "The train's not the one that killed the dogs. There's a possibility that the dogs were decapitated by the train, but as of right now the dogs were dead before," says Jeremiah Larson.

Larson says just a few hours earlier, he found another puppy matching the two
dead black pit bulls, limping with a severed back leg. "It looks like someone did it with a knife or some type of object. We did put that dog down due to massive infection inside the dog's wound," says Larson.

Goldie hopes the person is caught soon so no one else is hurt.

Animal cruelty investigators say they will examine the dogs further to determine how they were killed. So far they have no leads or suspects.

Anyone with information can call the Toledo Area Humane Society at: 419-891-0705.

Joanna Toms
Cruelty Caseworker

Search Database -

"The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.",
- Albert Einstein


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