Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Petition for Fox News to tell the TRUTH about PIT BULLS!!!!

A story on the TRUE nature of Pit Bulls! And how it is the irresponsible owners that give this breed a bad name, and not the breed itself!!!!! Fox news reaches a HUGE audience, including a large percentage of America's lemmings. If they were to air a real, unbiased, honest story on Pit Bulls and the TRUTH about them, it could very well make an impact!


Please click above to sign the petition, she is very close to reaching her quota!

P.S. People, have a look at some of the sigs...... there is a stalker there. Be on the lookout for him at your blogs, sites, groups and petitions. And geee....what an ass. Hopefully people who read the comments will see the difference between the level headed pit owners who have actual facts and experience to go on and his "work of satin" mis-information hoop-lah!!!! :P Some people :P It is the people like this that we are working against...or rather, that are working against us. The zealots who don't EVER want to consider anything...they just have an idea and they think it is right, even in the bold face of truth, and they go around spouting it like vomit to all they meet :( They are sooooooooooooo set on what they think, that it often convinces lesser people that if he/she is sooooo upset about this, than it MUST be true :P Lemmings :P


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