Monday, June 13, 2005

Crossposted- Lucy

Dear rescue friends,

My name is Laurie Bleier of brooklyn animal foster network

On Saturday, June 11 we removed the now net famous Brownie from the CACC in Brooklyn. Brownie, an adorable, pit puppy was hit by a car and then mauled by a dog or dogs on Stanley Avenue in Brooklyn. She was taken to the ACC where it was decided that she should be destroyed as her care was to extraordinary for hospital routine. We answered the plea-mail titled URGENT IN NYC - RESCUE NEEDED TODAY FOR STARVED PIT PUP IN BKLYN CACC - SHE NEEDS RESCUE TODAY OR WILL BE EUTHANIZED

You may remember it.

We did remove Brownie (now Lucy) and admitted her to the Animal Medical Center in Manhattan where she is undergoing surgery as I write this to repair a broken pelvis and fractured femur.

The final bill including medical and transport will come to about $3,000 on Lucy and we are asking anyone who CAN afford to send a check to help to do so. Any amount will be accepted. As the AMC bill is already paid, we are asking you to write the check out to our Vet Dr. Jeffrey Stein, DVM of Manhattan Beach in Brooklyn. Dr. Stein will then credit that amount to our account where we will be able to recoup some of our costs by defraying future bills and put your generous dollars to work for our other animals.

I am thanking you ahead of time and please click here to meet Lucy . We will update this page as her progress comes along.

Laurie Bleier

Checks can be written to:
Dr. Jeffrey Stein, DVM
put BAFN/Lucy in the memo and mail to:
Laurie Bleier
879 Union Street
Brooklyn, NY 11215

SPECIAL THANKS TO: Sara Whalen of Pets Alive, Janice Sclafani, Augusta Moore, and as always the unstoppable, unsinkable Katie Walter and Dawn Kroll


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