Sunday, June 19, 2005

PETA in support of BSL!!!


PETA has had some recent bad exposure due to them KILLING dogs and cats because they believed that gasing them was not as humane as the injections THEY wanted to give. So instead of donating the proper kits to the shelters, they took it upon themselves to not only kill and dump the animals in secret, but to lie to shelters and veternarians in order to get the animals they were planning to kill!!!! >:(

Now, as if that weren't bad enough..... I found out that they support BSL. Breed Specific Legislation.... which, any of you following my posts realize is pure ignorance and a blind hate generator :(

From their website.....
PETA factsheet on companion animals

Quote "Few good homes are open to dogs perceived as overly aggressive. Breed-specific legislation (with a "grandfather clause" for those dogs already in existence) can be an important tool in ending the tragic exploitation of these breeds."

What a bunch of BS!!!! How can they say they support the ethical treatment of animals, but then support laws that not only add to hate and misunderstanding about certain breeds, but also allow for the murder of animals!!!!! Even if people stop to actually consider the "Grandfather clause" of which they speak, it still only leads the the death and eventual annihilation of the breed!!!! Perceived aggressiveness should be on a dog by dog basis!!!!! NOT a breed basis!!!!! Pit Bulls and other breeds covered under BSL are NOT aggressive breeds!!!!!! A few bad apples have spoiled the pie :( I cannot believe an organization for the ethical treatment of animals could support such a horrible law!!!! What are they thinking???? They certainly only care for certain animals!!!!! They should have to post a list of animals whom they do NOT it is obvious that they do not care about ALL living things!!!!!

And nicely enough, they leave you with NO easy way to contact them regarding issues or concerns! How nice of them to ignore the people.>:( Gggggrrrrrrr...... makes me sooo mad!

Ingrid Newkirk is president of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals ( and the author of "Making Kind Choices" (St. Martin's Griffin, 2005).

Kind choices my ASS!!!!! >:( Newkirk has obviously seen an oppurtunity thru PETA to make a personal crusade, based on personal experiences, AGAINST pit bulls!!!! Sure, there are pits like the ones described in the article.. but what about the THOUSANDS of pits that live in perfectly loving homes with perfect manners and temperments!!!! And this crap about it being ok for a chihuahua to be aggressive.... it is NOT ok for ANY dog to be aggressive...regardless of size!!!! A pomeranian killed a baby!!! Size does NOT matter!!! :(

Sure, maybe some dog owners relish the idea of the annihilation of the Pit Bull breed.... but most TRUE BLUE dog owners do NOT agree with BSL!!!! Banning an entire breed for the acts of the few is insane!!!!


Blogger Conners said...

I was SHOCKED when I first saw it on the net and at first I thought perhaps someone was trying to ruin a good thing, so I continued my search. When I saw the actual comments and the various technics they use to get their point across(like hiring scum to burn down buildings, etc.) and I thought of all the donations that people that believe in them send in...I was outraged. But then I also on top of that saw that they supported the BSL and it was like getting hit by a crow bar. They cut and chop video's to make their point more profound. Carcasses of animals in large garbage cans. UNREAL! They put down approx. 90% of what they are supposingly saving. I'm talking animals here...not money.
They're off my site!!!

1:05 AM  
Blogger Guitartists said...

One can speculate that some actions are by those who simply refer to themselves as members of PETA, and are therefore NOT connected to PETA... but the support of BSL comes straight from the President of PETA's mouth and proves that they cannot possibly have concern for ALL animals!!! :( Yes, what little I had is off of my site too.

1:11 AM  
Blogger Conners said...

Yeah, when you hear it from the President and founder of HAS to be true. She runs the whole show and tells them what to do.
They believe animals should not even be owned and kept as pets. That, they in itself is animal abuse.
With Ringling Brothers they could not get the evidence they were hoping to acquire, so rather than saying they were wrong, they split a taping from another small time circus and added it to Ringlings. Now isn't that deception a little too far fetched?!
If they base their organization on lies, then how can we know when or if they tell the truth. They are a vigualanty (sp?)group that use deplorable pictures (even if they construct the situation themselves) in order to make money. I must say I was totally taken in by them and glad I found out the truth before sending any donations.
I did infact, email them during the time we were going through the BSL and asked if they could help in our situation. I never did receive a reply. Now I know why.

2:25 AM  
Blogger Guitartists said...

So sad :(

10:37 AM  
Blogger ... said...

Breed Specific Legislation's biggest damage will come when another breed comes back under fire and more freedoms and invasions of privacy will occur. I feel wholeheartedly for the anti BSL cause. I own rottweilers, I have had them all my life and had only one incident in 22 years with an unaltered male, and it was not serious. I see that in the future it will be me posting blogs and correcting people's misconceptions. Rottweilers are my life and have that restricted or to be discriminated against because of one kills me. I love pit bulls very much, and am fighting with everyone I meet to change perceptions because I couldn't live with myself unless I tried to help the ones that cannot help themselves. PETA has reached the ultimate incarnation of Nazi with their support of BSL. I couldn't believe that when I read it. It is so stupid to think that restricting them will solve the problem when all that will do is make them more attractive to the criminals that have marred their once honored status. screw PETA, those nazis!!

8:00 PM  
Anonymous sandpiper said...

How many of those animals that PETA has adopted and killed could have gone to a good home instead of dumped dead into a dumpster and all this time these PETA idiots are running around in stupid costumes and getting the usial braindead celeberties to do rediclous ads for them i mean what dose that dem-wit PAMELA ANDERSON think of this group? well she did spend all those years in that mindless TV series BAYWATCH

5:54 PM  

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