Monday, June 20, 2005

Wonderful page on Pit Bulls and their History as GREAT Dogs!

Truth about Pit Bulls at Furry Friends Foundation

Includes fabulous vintage images, amazing stories of pittie heros, and MORE!!!

Be sure to check out their adoption pages for loving pits that need loving homes! :)

Slideshow of Vintage Pics

Enjoy! :)


Blogger Conners said...

WAY COOL!!! So what the Heck happened???? Something we ALL want to know!!! Excellent site btw!

1:11 AM  
Blogger Guitartists said...

Did you read about Weela??? I cried it was so amazing what she did! :D Talk about a smart dog and a real hero! And rescued as a pup from certain death! How amazing!

People decided to take advantage of their incredible willingness to please... Monsters turned them into monsters :( If people are so quick to ban pits, we should ban and destroy people as well! The people are the problem.... but we can't, so we take it out on the innocent dogs who are only doing as they were told. TOUGHER LAWS against the problems that are making pits and other dogs dangerous.... chaining, fighting and abuse/neglect!!! These are the things we should be focusing on!

1:16 AM  
Blogger Conners said...

She's on my 'Positively Pit Hero' page. THESE are the stories we need the press to write about, but they choose only the attack ones and label them as Pit bulls. No pictures, so how does one know for sure. But, the uninformed believe what they read which is a pity for the pitties.

2:11 AM  

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