Monday, July 18, 2005

MISSING PIT BULL!!! Family Pet! Memphis area!

We lost our pit bull on July 5th in the Park & Highland area of Memphis, TN. He is all white, clipped ears, very muscled, about 3 years old. His name is Houser.

We are very worried that someone may want to fight him. He is very gentle and is an inside dog. I am attaching a picture of him. (Please let me know if you can't open the picture. I will be happy to send it in any format you need. We've checked the pound and vet nearby. Don't know where else to turn, so just in case he ends up being rescued, could you please keep this on file. We really need our baby back! His sister is missing him real bad. Thanks.

Deborah Foshee

I will add the pic when I get it..... please contact Deborah via email if you think you have seen her dog!
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