Monday, July 04, 2005

URGENT!!!! California Residents!!!!!! BSL Petition!!!!!

Very Urgent!!!! Please, if you are a Resident of California against BSL and against predjudice of breed and their owners.... PLEASE sign!!!

Letters and phone calls are also needed!!!!!!

******Please Crosspost!!!*******

Just wanted to remind everyone that the hearing regarding BSL in California is tomorrow (Wednesday).
I cannot stress enough how important this is to us all. California tends to set the precedent for the country. If BSL passes there, pit bull owners everywhere will all be in a terrible position. Not only that, it would be a huge blow to our fight against BSL as California is one of the twelve states the prohibits BSL.
Marcy Setter (who is with PBRC and is the "expert" when it comes to BSL) has advised that the California officials have not received enough opposition to SB 861. PLEASE, PLEASE get your letters to them today. Let legislators know that you are against BSL, and encourage them to pursue legislation that would hold owners accountable for the actions of their dogs, regardless of the breed.
Sample form letters are available at: These letters are very simple - you just add the e-mail addresses and change the location. Contact information for the officials can be found at this link: while the key playes are listed below.
Please guys, I know you are tired of hearing me ramble over and over about this, but I just want you all to know how very important this is. The bottom line is, our dogs are at risk, and we need to do everything in our power to make sure they are safe and they we don't lose our right to keep them!! Thanks!!

Gavin Newsom: ( Fax: (415) 554-6160
Senator Speiers: ( fax 415-557-7864
Norreen Evans: ( fax 916-319-2107
Mark Leno: ( fax 415-557-3015 (Originaly commented on co authoring)


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