Wednesday, August 03, 2005

BSL in Sparta & Woodbury, TN meet THURS

Just a reminder that the Sparta Board of Aldermen and the Mayor will meet at 5 p.m., at Sparta City Hall tomorrow - Thursday, August 4, 2005. The proposed pit bull ban - which is in response to Sparta's drug problem, not a dog problem - will be the main topic of discussion. I would love to see as many of you there as possible to politely encourage the Sparta officials to focus on the problem at hand and not use pit bulls as their "scapegoat."

Thanks! Jodi

I went to Sparta this afternoon to visit the mayor and to get his approval to speak at the city council meeting on Thursday. After experiencing much runaround, I am on the agenda so pitties will have a voice and be represented in Sparta!!

I have been corresponding with a Commissioner in Woodbury. Fortunately, we do have an ally there as she is very much against BSL, and has promised to keep me advised as to what is transpiring there.

At any rate, keep those letters coming going to both cities.
Please write with positive pit bull information and opposition to BSL

Sparta city hall fax: (931) 836-3941.
Woodbury contact info:
The headline is very misleading. I just talked to someone in City Hall... this HAS NOT been passed yet. However, it can be passed after 2 readings, and the second reading is August 4... NEXT THURSDAY!!! The ban can be passed on 2 readings, and this will be the second reading. No one was aware of the first reading, so no one showed up to oppose it.
We really need people to show up at Sparta City Hall next Thursday in opposition to the breed ban. Breed bans do not work as they take the focus of the true issue - irresponsible owners - and target all the dogs of one breed, the guilty as well as the innocent.

Sparta is the next town over and 15 minutes from me!! We have just a little over a week to voice our opposition to this law! The Sparta city attorney is co-council on a case with my boss, so I'm going to ask him to talk with her about it to see if he can get any info. I will try to come up with more contact info, so far all I have is the mayor:

Sparta Mayor
Tommy Pedigo
6 Liberty Square
P.O. Box 30
Sparta, Tennessee 38583
FAX NUMBER: (931) 836-3941

I don't know how many of the below contacts are relevant, but I'm sending them all. I am also attaching a link to an article that states the breed ban was proposed due to "recent attacks on children." I live about 15 minutes from Sparta, and I have heard absolutely nothing about any attacks. Also, one of the girls I work with lives in Sparta, and she hasn't heard anything about any pit bull incidents either.
We got the "real" scoop on the proposed pit bull ban in Sparta. It is not in response to recent attacks on children as the newspaper articles indicated, it is because the city officials say "all the meth heads have pit bulls." Ok... so if you get rid of the pit bulls you automatically get rid of the druggies??

City of Sparta

Sparta is governed by the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.
The City Council meetings are held on the first and third Thursdays
at 5:00 P.M. at the City Hall which is located at 6 Liberty Square.

Mayor Tommy Pedigo
9 Cook Street
(931) 836-3273

Vice Mayor, Hoyte Jones
227 Cliffview
(931) 836-2426

Ben Holland
58 Whispering Pines Drive
(931) 738-5955

Howard "Fuzz" Griffin
519 Cedar Lane
(931) 836-3408

Bobby Officer
216 S. Oak St.
(931) 837-4673

Margaret Pearson
P.O. Box 22
(931) 836-3772

Debbie Sopha
1136 Highland Drive
(931) 837-9000

City Officials
City Administrator
Marty Carmichael
PO Box 30
City Hall Liberty Square
(931) 836-3248

Administrative Assistant
Angie Wilhite
(931) 836-3248

City Recorder
Tonya Tindle
City Hall
(931) 836-3248

City Clerk
Lorie Cannon
(931) 836-3248

City Attorney
Lynn Sparkman
(931) 836-2226

Manager Sparta Electric & Water System
Wayne Rogers
Box 468
(931) 738-2281

Municipal Court Judge
Denny Mitchell
112 S. Main St.
(931) 836-3192

Police Chief
Jeff Guth
323 E. Bockman Way
ph (931) 836-3734

Fire Chief
Ed Kay
715 North Spring St.
(931) 738-7380

Codes Enforcement Officer
Dennis Clark
City Hall
(931) 836-3248

Animal Control Officer
Animal Shelter
East Bronson
(931) 836-6476

Street Superintendent
Clay Parker
South Carter St.
(931) 836-3422

Waste Treatment Plant
Dalmas Bussell & Ron Hutchings
(931) 738-3290

Jodi Preis
Bless the Bullys

Do justice to the orphans and the needy, That the man of the earth may oppress no more.
Psalm 10:18



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