Friday, October 03, 2008

My own Pit Bull and Chicks :D

We have started to raise chickens... mostly fancy breeds, chocolate and blue egg layers :) Halo loved when all of the babies hatched out of the eggs in the bator. He would run and check on them anytime there was a commotion in the brooder. :D He waits for me to say that we are going to see the chickies and he is all ready to go out to the coop (at my father-in-law's) He mostly just likes that he gets to run unleashed and play with FIL's dogs.... but he also stops in at the coop from time to time to check the chickens out.

This is Halo with Roxie, his favorite chook. She can do no wrong :) She is one of the original 2 chicks that we got in the spring and has senority over the others in Halo's eyes

He has even run the other dogs off from the coop, letting them know that they are NOT to harm those chickens. Now they keep a safe distance from the chooks and he knows that they will not harm them and all is well :) Who'd have thunk he'd be such a good farm dog :) He never even had to issue more than a warning growl. Then it was off to run and play with the same dog he said "get away from my chickens" to. He did good :)


Blogger PitBullLadyDesigns said...

WOW, how cute! He loves the feathered family members because he loves you so much. In the last picture I can truely see him warning the other dog that what is in the barn/shed is totally off limits, how great.


11:21 AM  
Blogger matt said...

and who said pitbulls dont get along with other animals haha love the pics

check my pitbull Motley out at if you get a chance. Motleys loves meeting new pitbull friends

2:52 PM  

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