Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Our pup Halo. Kind of crazy how he came to be a part of our family... I would never have seen it coming.

We had put in an offer on a house, and all was looking well for us, so we considered the idea of once we were moved adopting an older male pit bull to keep Bridget company. A couple of weeks ago my friend says to me, "I'm going to Missouri to help my friend with some stuff.... we're only gonna be gone for 2 days.... you should come." Of course, with everything going on there was no way I could get away, even for 2 days. Then, she calls me a couple of days later and says...." Guess what! Her ex-husband has pit bull puppies and says that he needs good homes for the last 2 and that I can have one.... do you want a pup?" Now I'm thinking, oh boy..... I really didn't want to take on a pup with a new baby coming in Dec. and after Bridget I am hesitant to get ANY pup! But, this one wasn't my decision. After Bridget turned out to be shy, I promised that my husband would get next pick on any pets that we got. He hates backyard breeders but was interested in the idea of getting a purebred pup from a good breeder as he figured it would be less likely to have temperment problems. So, he was interested in seeing pics of the 2 pups.

Well, THEN she calls me up and says....... "He is in town with the pups!! He decided to save her the trip and came to Michigan. Wanna go see them?" So I said sure and we headed over to see them. Of course, part of me was hoping that it just wouldn't click..... puppies are SO much work. Ha! But, when I got there, I knew that was all there was. He was perfect! Shawn has always wanted a white pit and there he was in all of his glory! White with black on his nose and mouth and little spots on his ears. Brown eyes with what looked like eyeliner and he was so lovey! He ran right up to me tail wagging.... such an opposite to Bridget! He had been raised around children and was an indoor pup. He was not at all shy! Love at first sight :D

So he came home with me. Day one was a bit crazy as Bridget had no idea what to do with something so small in comparison and was having a hard time adjusting to playing with him. She was enthralled with him from day one, even now I hardly get to spend time with her because she is with the puppy. At first she would try to play tug-o-war by grabbing the toy and dragging him across the floor until he let go. Now she knows to stand in one spot and let HIM tug to make the game last longer. hehehehe I was a bit worried at first that she might be jealous. But so far she could care less about us. She just wants to play with Halo. She is surprisingly gentle with him. Carefully grabbing him when they play so as not to apply too much pressure. If anything... he is the aggressor. She will often roll over and let him have the dominant role. It's too funny seeing this little pup having the upper hand with Bridget. They play ALL day long and sometimes in the middle of the night!

He is a smart little whipper snapper. He is ready for bed at 7 pm, and if we are not ready he will go upstairs and sit in front of the bedroom door and howl. Luckily he holds everything all night, but when that alarm goes off at 5:30 am... you had best be on the ball getting him out to go potty! HA!

I never wanted to get another puppy, but I'm glad that we did. I think this will work out well in the long run for everyone. He is a great example of a true Love-a-bull!

I would be interested to hear other people's stories about getting a puppy when you already had an pre-existing adult (Bridget is 1 1/2 years) and how it worked out and what kind of bonds they developed. Of course Bridget is fixed and Halo will be just as soon as he is old enough ;)


Blogger matt said...

thanks for the comment, and i totally agree with the news. also, that is one wicked cute puppy. do you breed pitbulls? because i am looking to get a dog soon and my roommate had a pitbull/boxer mix, it was the best dog.

3:51 PM  
Blogger Guitartists said...

Nope, I even had ethics issues with getting this puppy :P I originally wanted to adopt a pit bull because so many need good homes. It just happened that everything came together like it did, I wasn't even in the market for a pup.

There are always wonderful pit bulls for adoption all over the
country. Especially those that have been displaced due to BSL. Swing by and check out the links.... it wasn't until I got my first dog Bridget a year and a half ago that I began to fully understand what it means to be a
responsible dog owner....... there is so much more to owning a bully
breed because of the public image :( Though, I can't imagine owning
anything else now :D They are great dogs! A little too smart

If you do decide to get a pup, be sure that it is from a reputable
breeder and not a backyard breeder. This will not only help insure a dog with a stable temperment and health, but will help insure that you are not giving money to people who are encouraging dog fighting or
unethical treatment/use of pit bulls. Though I do encourage you to check out and look at the adoptable pit bulls in your area... sometimes pups are available and often you can find a dog that is already housetrained and up to date on shots not to mention spayed or nuetered.

They are fabulous dogs..... but a LOT of work. Mine have been subject to seperation issues as well :P They will be your closest companion, but if you aren't home much, maybe not a good choice. They are like children, I kid you not, and I have 3 children.... LOL They need constant attention and exercise. Nice thing though, they seem very good at adapting to
your schedule. Ours sleep when we sleep and are up when we're up for the most part. Little time for them to get into trouble ;)

There is a lady here in Michigan that adopted a neglected pit bull a family member had, and found out later she was already pregnant. She has 8? pups that need good homes.... though no one knows what the dad is, they look very much pit right now. Some are brindle and some are B&W...... she already has 2 pitbulls and cannot of course keep all of the puppies. Not sure how far you are from Michigan..... but if you were close enough, Im sure I could get pics for you.

We thought about getting one, but after Bridget, my husband said full blood or no dog :P bridget was my pick and is part Akita...... NOT a good mix. She is great with us, but shy with strangers and it makes her seem aggressive :(

Anyhoo...... if you're interested in pics of those pups, I will email you some. I know they need good homes!

8:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wasnt looking for a dog,and my brother in law called me and told me his friend had 4 pit pups he was going to kill because the momma dog was to old to have babies and they were making her sick, he was just gonna toss them into a lake. So, me bein a lover said oh no!!!! bring me them babies..they are maybe 5 weeks and i am 9 months preggo...lots of work, but they are lots of fun too..i wish people would understand that it is the owner, and not the dog,any dog can kill. halo is cute..

1:55 PM  
Anonymous guitartists said...

You are certainly a Godsend for those little pups. Drowning puppies is no way to handle things. I wish more people would have their pets spayed or neutered! Then unwanted pups would never be an issue! Best of luck to you and your new babies, and on the human baby ;) I have a one year old and tried raising some newborn kittens while I was pregnant with him. It certainly is a lot of work. At least they are 5 weeks... that gives them a pretty decent headstart. Let us know how it goes!

2:43 PM  

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