Monday, June 19, 2006

Sweet Dreams

Now that Summer is here and temps are heating up, there's no place the dogs love more than our bedroom! We have a window AC unit that keeps the room nice and cool on hot days. Halo especially loves to lay in front of it on the comforter and chill. If he knows the air is on and he's not in the room he'll cry outside the door and stick his little paws thru the gap at the bottom begging to be let in. When the ac is not on he likes to hog all the cool air by laying RIGHT in front of the fan on the floor downstairs. He certainly knows how to make it thru summer.


Blogger Sarahd said...

That is the most adorable picture!!
I am trying to help the pits as well. Please check out my blog about the pit hater and about the petition I have going for BSL.
thanks for a great blog!


2:21 PM  

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