Thursday, August 04, 2005

Update on Sparta Meeting :(

It is with much sadness in my heart that I have to announce that Sparta has passed a pit bull ban. I am also extremely saddened by the fact that I was the only person who attended the city council meeting in opposition to BSL.

I put together a packet of information which was reviewed by Henry, the attorney I work for. Henry, who is also very politically inclined, thought the packet was well put together and made many sound arguments. Unfortunately, the city council never even looked at it. Their minds were already made up. Immediately after I made my statement, the mayor recited bogus facts related to the PSI in a pit bull's jaws and many other of the pit bull "myths". Although I was allowed to rebut these statements, other members of the council immediately motioned for a vote, which was passed unanimously.

The mayor specifically made the statement to the council that we can be "reactive" and focus on dangerous dogs (which is what I urged them to do), or "proactive" and focus on pit bulls.

In speaking with Henry earlier today, we acknowledged the fact that I had so much trouble getting on the agenda because the council had, in fact, already decided this issue. Henry assured me that if the ban passed, he would personally call the Sparta city judge and also take my packet of information to him to review. At this point, the only hope we have is that Judge Mitchell will review the information and find the ban to be unconstitutional and speak with the council. Otherwise, pit bulls are banned in Sparta, Tennessee.



Blogger Conners said...

As difficult as this is for all of us against the BSL, we can't lose hope. We need to continue to fight. Not all battles are won the first time around. Sometimes, we gain some insite from other battles that helps others fight theirs. Hopefully, we find another strategy to change our loss into a victory.
Sadly, countless loyal and loving, innocent pets will or have been lost. But if we give up fighting, then all the more dogs will die or be lost to us.
Mourn your loss but don't give up the fight as we're not only fighting for our own dogs, we are fighting for all the dogs that will or could become victims of the BSL.

12:54 AM  

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