Monday, November 07, 2005

Court TV Ticker Story

Saw today on Court TV on the ticker about a 6 year old who was critically injured after 3 pit bulls escaped from a home and attacked 6 people and the little boy.

Has anyone heard the specifics on this story???? I hate when they use such "choice" words in a one sentence quip that creates a sense of panic and fear How come you never see any other dog attack stories being broadcast like that? gggggrrrrrrrrr I really wish people would stop picking on a specific breed.

Maybe it could be made to where they can only use the word dog in the headline, and NOT the breed. Then it wouldn't sell as many papers, as most people won't take time to read the specifics to see what breed it was. Because we all know, dog bite stories don't sell papers.... only pit bull attacks It's so very sad.

Three pit bulls rampaged through a McHenry County neighborhood Saturday, mauling six people, including a 10-year-old boy listed in "very critical condition," the county sheriff said.

The dogs were pets in a home in the 6700 block of Hawthorne, in an unincorporated area near Cary. A door to the home was propped open with a box, allowing the dogs to come and go, Sheriff Keith Nygren said.

"They were marauding in the neighborhood," he said. "If you were out and they came after you, you were going to be a victim."

Just before 5 p.m., all three dogs left the home and mauled 10-year-old Nick Foley. His father, Harold, 37, came to his aid and was also attacked, Nygren said.

The boy was severely mauled and taken to Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, Nygren said. Fog kept rescue workers from airlifting the boy. "I can't imagine what it's like to have one, let alone three, dogs intent on dismembering you," the sheriff said.

The dogs' owner, Scott Sword, heard screams and ran out of his garage to try to stop the attacks, Nygren said. The dogs turned on him, and he, too, was mauled, the sheriff said. Three other people were attacked -- Gerd Gerdes, 42, James Dunne, 48, and Jordan Lamarde, 10, he said.

The victims, some lying in the street, were found in a two-block area, said Cary Fire Protection District Lt. Michael D. Douglass. "It was a chaotic scene," he said.

One neighbor drove his truck at the dogs, trying to force them back into their home. One of the dogs jumped on the hood.

Firefighters couldn't reach some of the injured because of the animals, which tried to attack them. Officers shot and killed two dogs. The third was hit and briefly got away but was fatally shot by Cary Police Sgt. Jim Fillmore, who was blocking off a street. "He looked pretty wild-eyed," Fillmore said.

It was unclear what set off the dogs, which Nygren estimated to weigh 80, 60 and 45 pounds. He knew of no past incidents with the dogs, and said his officers were collecting evidence and would talk with prosecutors Monday about the case. "This is a crime scene."

AAAAGHHHHHHH!!!! Anyone else asking themselves why the hell 3 dogs were allowed free reign of a neighborhood! Now this is a prime example of how an irresponsible dog owner ruins it for the rest of us! 80, 60 and 45? Quite the range.... I wonder if they were even all 3 pits? Of course they never post pictures :(


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