Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Forum for Pittie Lovers

I know that things have been a bit slow lately..... but, I am sure it will pick up. So many people have stopped by the site and I would just like to say "Thank You!" If the forum or blog has helped to educate even one person, then I feel like it has been worth it :D

I know that my posts have been sparse lately... so much going on in the real world right now that I have little time for the computer :P But, I will try to get things going once we move and get settled in. Please do not hesitate to swing by the forums and join and post away! Please share all that you can as many new pit owners and lovers need a place to learn, share and grow.

Please be sure to check out the links..... many of them stay much more up to date than I am able to. There is much useful and important information on BSL to be found and shared. And don't forget the free photo album at the Pit Bulls in Truth forum.... share your little angels with us :D We love to see all the loved pitties out there!

And don't forget..... if you are interested in joining Pit Bulls in Truth as a blog poster, email me (found in my profile) to get signed on. It's FREE and there are no obligations to post.... just post pittie related topics and stories whenever you feel like it :D I'd love to find a few people to help keep the blog fresh with new pictures, stories and headlines!!!

Thanx to all who have stopped by!
Angie & Bridget (my luv-a-bull)


Blogger Google Sucks said...

Sweet loving nature of pitbulls? Perhaps you need a FAQ to explain why they so often kill?

This pit bull lover will get 3 years in prison to reconsider her love for these so-called kind hearted dogs.



11:36 AM  
Blogger Guitartists said...

Sounds like a case of a person who attempted to seperate fighting dogs. The owner had NO right to allow her dogs to roam like that!!! NO one I know supports ignorant owners of ANY breed of dog! It is unfortunate that people who should not own pets do still sometimes have access to them.

3 years is too little time for someone like this! She makes responsible dog owners take the blame for her negligence!

12:27 PM  

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