Sunday, January 22, 2006

Big Bad Bridget

Oooooo..... see the Big Bad Bridget! Doesn't she look so tough and cool in her sunglasses, hangin with Shawn? HA! She wishes! She's really just a big pansy! Read on to hear the full story about the BBB.

Late one night Bridget and I were lying in bed watching tv. It was about 2:30 am and the shows were starting to get lame. All of a sudden we heard a big "CRASH!" come from downstairs! Bridget leapt up from her comfy spot on the bed and started barking... WOOF!WOOF!WOOF!!! Groooooowl!!! WOOF! She barked and growled frantically. Hackles raised she stood at the end of the bed and made her stand. I however knew that the cat had been getting into trouble in the bathroom of late and had obviously knocked over the towel stand. But poor BBBridget thought that there was either an intruder or a monster in the house.

Even in the dark, I could see, and feel, her shaking like a leaf. She was so scared that her body was one tremor after another.

I got out of bed and opened the door to let her go downstairs and see for herself that it was just the cat.... but Noooooooo, she wasn't having it. She wasn't going to leave the room. So I grabbed her by the collar and moved her outside the room and said "Go see Bridget. It's just the kitty cat.", and shut the door so she would go investigate. No way. She sat in front of the door and wouldn't budge.

Well, I figured I had to put an end to this silly scariness, so I led the way downstairs. All the while Bridget hung close behind, peering out from beside my legs as we walked down the stairs. She followed close behind, jumpy and scared as we made our way to the bathroom... the source of the loud noise.

As we walked in we spotted the cat throwing about a roll of toilet paper and lo-and-behold the towel stand was on it's side in the middle of the floor. Bridget was relieved to find the cat the culprit.... though I was rather distressed at the amount of chaos in the bathroom.

With a chuckle I followed Bridget as she led the way back to the warm sanctuary of the bedroom. She didn't fall right to sleep as she wanted to check the grounds thru the bedroom window a couple of times just to be safe...... but we eventually left the crappy late-night tv schedule behind for dreams of giant destructive radioactive kitty cats!


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